Intelligent Performance Through Adaptive Design

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The Gecko Impro has been specifically engineered to meet the demands of 21st century audio and video components. Intelligent home cinema orientated features are cleverly disguised within the sleek cabinet design.

The majority of UK living rooms feature a traditional fireplace restricting space to accommodate a TV cabinet flush against the wall, the Gecko Impro not only requires minimal floor space when placed in a corner, it creates the appearance of a purpose built fitted cabinet. The high gloss finish accentuates the clean lines of a design uncompromising in both functionality and visuals.

The Gecko Impro can be used as a table top TV stand or as a cantilever bracket mount stand with the addition of the optional cantilever bracket mount. Thoughtfully measured compartments and media storage drawers ensure the Gecko Impro can accommodate numerous AV components and associated media.


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