Intelligent Performance Through Adaptive Design

Performance Features

Gecko AV furniture has been specifically designed and developed to improve both the user convenience and the performance levels of AV and home cinema systems.

Each of the Gecko AV furniture units features a unique blend of performance features, summarised and symbolised below. Each individual product page of the Gecko Furniture website or catalogue displays the applicable symbols.
Cable ports for each interior compartment for convenient management of cabling.
Height adjustable shelves for increased versatility.
Universal cantilever bracket with integrated swivel and adjustable height for TV’s sized up to 55”.
Corner free, rounded design for increased safety.

Strengthened steel framework increases rigidity significantly reducing vibrations.
Specially formulated darkened glass conceals AV components but allow remote controls to function.
Highly engineered suspension arms ensure front flap opens gradually and safely.
Intelligent glass formed to naturally resist surface scratches.
Isolating feet prevent resonance from travelling through the rack.
Corner shape design occupies minimal space whilst offering ample storage.
Heavy duty shelf clamps completely isolate shelving to reduce resonance.
Intelligent vented base pulls cool air through the base of the cabinet and expels warm air out of the rear panel.
Lower shelf can be excluded or included for extra storage.
Modular design enables any combination of Reflect cabinets to be fitted together.
Removable back panel for access to connections.
Optional 4 Way surge protected power strip protects TV’s and AV components from power surges.